The coming and going of history,
installation, exhibition Monument and modernity, Espace Électra, Paris, 1996.

This device involves the coming and going of a light bulb above an alignment of several hundred others.

Bulb Circle, Fondation EDF

Circles of the crypt, installation,Ministry of Foreign Affairs / AFAA, Paris, 1996.

The installation is located in the underground of theof the ministry, in the heart of what is called "the crypt",close to the building's boiler room, which explains itsits stifling atmosphere. An electronic timercontrols the installation automatically.The room is plunged into darkness. Two phasespunctuate its activity: one embodied by the circulationthe circulation of the bulbs, the other by the setting inphosphorescence of the pipes of the boiler room.To access the installation, the visitor must firstreceive an access badge, pass through a metalmetal detector, follow a guide to an elevator andelevator and walk through underground passageways.