La collection, scheme series and publication, EDF Museum, Mulhouse, 2008

Reproductions of hand-drawn electrical diagrams from the early 20th century accompany the descriptions of the objects, without being representations of them. 

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Catalog / artist's book: an archive of Ouest-Lumière through a selection of objects and electrical diagrams of the fictional company by its President for life Yann Toma.the objects are presented in full page by means of technical cards indicating the name of the object, its dates of production as well as the donors of the said objects, who are the shareholders of the company Ouest-Lumière. The means by which these pieces were integrated into the collection (donation, theft, confiscation...) are also indicated. Special Advisor Patricia Dorfmann bequeathed a Volta pistol under deposit, Miguel Chevalier (Ambassade du Numérique Interstellaire, ANI) gave a Kenner Products toothbrush, Baudouin Jannink (Direction de la Sérénité, DS) gave a Minitel with a golf course handle, Nicolas Thély (Direction du Personnel Féminin, DPF) gives a Brionvega TV for women, Bénédicte Ramade (Délégation à la Vieille Critique, DVD) gives an Electromagnet for anti-sleep, Iain Baxter (Instance Suprême de l'Esperluette Historique, ISEH) gives a Hanovia UV Lamp, etc.

Publishing, Edition, Les presses du réel, 2008