The signals service, Ouest-Lumière technical sheet,

This data sheet, produced by Ouest-Lumière's signals department, is the basis for the Transmissions series. Every team of agents of the company must know by heart the protocol which is consigned there in order to apply the official recommendations as well as possible.

Transvision Montrouge, 2013

We interacted with the interior of the building with the projection of an evolving program of images on the façade (videomapping) as well as on the buildings around the square. We took control of the existing lighting, including five large chandeliers and several projectors installed inside the building. For the event, Yann Toma contacted all the inhabitants of the periphery of the belfry of Montrouge to distribute modules with a programmable bulb which diffuses a light to the rhythm of a Morse code chosen by each inhabitant.
Thus we immersed the spectator in an environment where all the buildings of the square were interacting.
To make the first tests of interaction and videomapping, we built on the spot a model of the facade and the belfry at the scale 1/20th.

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Presented during the event “Nuit Blanche” in Paris, it is a work-process. It takes place in several stages and involves one hundred inhabitants of the street Oberkampf. They are less transmitters of information than transmitters of links. The work is made up of modules of morse-light (small electrical boxes), installed in the windows of the participants (the subscribers), within the Oberkampf street. These modules are each autonomous and compose a program pre-recorded on an electronic memory. Each one declines a word chosen by the emitter.

La distribution d’Ouest-Lumière désigne la relation entre son unité globale et la pluralité des projections énergétiques qui sont transmises par elle. C’est une lame de fond à mouvements alternatifs. Elle allie l’organisation à la division des tâches. Elle est empreinte d’une vocation publique. Elle permet de diffuser les messages de l’entreprise fictive. La distribution de Ouest-Lumière est avant tout d’énergie. Elle exige un récepteur. Ouest-Lumière a pour vocation de transformer les récepteurs en acteurs qui doivent prendre en charge par la suite une part de l’entreprise. Étant donné qu’ils ne reçoivent pas ce que Marcel Mauss nomme des charges « économiquement utiles », ils ne peuvent devenir acteurs que sous la forme du volontariat. La valeur d’échange est évacué au profit d’une grosse dépense d’énergie bénévole. Un contrôle qualité de l’énergie distribuée est régulièrement effectué dans l’espoir d’éviter au maximum les erreurs de distribution. Ce contrôle est pleinement artistique. Il permet de vérifier que bon usage est fait de la richesse énergétique.


participative art installation by Yann Toma 


Polyptique exhibition, Ivry-sur-Seine,

France.Device designed for the lantern of the Ivry Town Hall which emits, in the form of Morse-light signals, the name of each person registered on the town's electoral roll. Day and night, for almost a month, the names of the 20,000 registered voters will be read out. Each voter in Ivry thus became an indirect subscriber to Ouest-Lumière for life.