Épopées Ouest-Lumière, acryliques sur toiles, 250 x 178 cm, Inde, 2006.

The work carried out by Ouest-Lumière during the last decades proved that the implantation of its energy agencies required the creation of Shifted Zones (ZOD) which had to allow any person to leave for a short time the Obligatory Load of its Daily (COQ) in order to reserve a time with the West of any constraint. In order to promote the implementation of the ZODs, Ouest-Lumière had to promote the development of energy products and fulfill its role as a transmitter by dealing concretely with the territories in charge and by ensuring the best possible distribution of the artistic energy. Envisaged in India, the creation of TESLA thus brought a new artistic protection. By its mere presence, the subject is transformed by its message of love, dream and radiation for the future.

The Epic series, conceived in India, is composed of paintings with an epic tone.

Between myth and history, they relate the adventures of West-Light and its actors. They frequently include a marvelous dimension and depict heroic figures, marked by excess and hyperbole. Their content is mainly energetic.

Each painting involves a shareholder who has commissioned it, and if the slightest element present is intended by its commissioner, this portrait is nonetheless out of step, in the West.