L’Or Bleu, 2012

L'Or Bleu is an artistic experience born from the meeting of two worlds: that of Yann Toma, artist-entrepreneur, President for life of Ouest-Lumière, and that of Francis Kurkdijan, perfume composer. Together, they creat a precious beverage, "l'Or Bleu", a perfumed water charged with radiant flows and magical promises. The old Bazacle mill in Toulouse is the setting for this unique experience.

Although they are very different, Yann Toma and Francis Kurkdjian have come together around common artistic references. L'Or Bleu is thus enriched by the fusion of their worlds, proposing a work of art as well as a consumer product. L'Or Bleu, a contemporary creation, is the heir to troubling historical concordances. In 1371, the world's first company with shareholders was born in the Bazacle. This infancy of the single shareholder company links it to the world of Yann Toma, artist-entrepreneur and founder of the artistic company Ouest-Lumière. A year earlier, in 1370, the Queen of Hungary's water was born, the very first perfume to be offered in alcoholic form, with a direct link to Francis Kurkdjian's world. The invention of the joint stock company and the creation of a perfume known as Eau de Jouvence served as a springboard for the creation of L'Or Bleu.