La Grande Veilleuse, in L’anneau de mémoire, Memorial of Notre Dame de Lorette, 2014.

La Grande Veilleuse is a work of light, in the monumental framework of the program of revalorization of the surroundings of the French military necropolis and in the prolongation of the regional program Chemins de mémoire en Nord-Pas-de-Calais with the agency Philippe Prost. The artist Yann Toma considers that this monumental work will live up to its objective, that is to say, to be destined to all the citizens of the nations that took part in the Great War. It includes some 580,000 names of soldiers who fell in the region during the First World War, regardless of their nationality.  "Yann Toma

Copyright Yann Toma, 2014. Photographies : Yann Toma/Aitor Ortiz