Luciogram of the Control Room, installation, 1 500 x 220 cm, Espace EDF Electra, 2004.

The Control Room operates as a distancing of the production and distribution of artistic energy. One attends here the creation of a zone of tension inside which all could be withdrawn from the gravity. The work is inaccessible. A permanent electric sound emanates from it. It can only be apprehended through Faraday cages designed especially for this purpose. A photographic fresco rests there, reflecting the complex activity of the fictional enterprise. The images and diagrams present are like energy segments likely to feed and irrigate the artistic fiction at the heart of everyone's reality. This commission from the EDF Foundation is a poetic invitation to enter a new dimension of the relationship between energy and the individual. The installation represents an elsewhere, a dream factory, a place where the individual is no longer passive in the face of automation and the disappearance of singularity. It situates our collective memory in the heart of a questioning proper to re-envision the energy under a utopian and fictional angle.

The Control Room constitutes paradoxically a space of forgetting and transmission.