Transcorp, light art, 2013

An inhabited work for an inhabited place: TRANScorp. is a project realized for the old brick factory of Vitry-sur-Seine, in echo with its metamorphosis into a Center for Choreographic Development (commissioned within the framework of the artistic 1%). Successively a very active production plant and then a storage area, the site has left a lasting mark on the history of the Val-de-Marne region and the identity of its inhabitants.
Yann Toma's work of light is intended to be in perfect osmosis with the frantic activity that takes over the building, coming to life inside and outside. When the activity stops in the building, the work goes into action, symbolically taking over from the dancers who inhabit it during the day. This intriguing presence is a metaphorical echo of the action that takes place within the walls during the day, giving the impression of having been produced by it.

TRANScorp. light art, CDC, 2013, Vitry-sur-Seine. © Yann Toma 2013. Photography Luc Boegly