Images from the exhibition Dynamo post Bankrott, which took place in Berlin in 2009.

Yann Toma calls his Berlin presentation Post-Bankruptcy. presentation - and thus delivers as anart-entrepreneur and corporate artistand corporate artist, he is first of all current economic situation. The fact that the artists now have to talk about the misery, we had just waited for that waited! Where they themselves but the very most from the speculators millions had profited! What could an artist contribute there to the clarification of the things contribute? Have we not read in the newspaper about those artists who sell their production similar to the derivative artists on the stock and launched them on the stock exchange, sham products, which were highly speculated at auctions and now fall into nothingness? And with their 0-8-15 works, which are produced in an assembly line cycle ignorant collectors even with the Ruin have torn?

Dynamo post bankrott, 2009