Les Restitutions, flux radiants photographiques, Varsovie, Pologne, 2014, copyright Yann Toma.

In 1945, more than 80% of Warsaw was destroyed and Bleslaw Bierut's decree confiscated the remaining buildings from the population. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many owners or their descendants began to claim back their former property. Even today, many buildings have not been returned to their owners and are abandoned. Branicki Palace, former Okolnik Library, Nowogrodzka building, Olimpinska, Bytomska buildings, Guzow Castle, etc. All these places have been empty since 1943 or since the Cold War. Without furniture, and with some cleverly hidden remains.... It is cold there.The photographic series of "Restitutions" takes into account the capture of an invisible and energetic ergonomics present in the places to which the artist has access. She perceives there what Jean-Luc Nancy names "bodies in reserve" and tries to restore these bodies by the use of the photography. She may or may not let us glimpse situations provoked by the artist and the context of the shooting. Through this circumstantial staging, this work proposes to the spectator a hypothesis of movement induced at the very heart of the inert spaces in which it is played out. The access to these places is the condition of possibility of the existence of this series. Forbidden or only accessible through the intermediary of personalities "authorized to administer it" in this strange period, these places have lost all potential function.Their charge then initiates the time of the order. For the risk of oblivion impregnates these places and becomes more than an evidence. It is a necessity. How not to think, in counterpoint to the fascination that the ruins of a supposedly past time exert, to the forgotten and henceforth supposed history that these places convey?