In a state of confinement, I decided from April 2, 2019 to participate in the sessions of conferences of the Global Compact of the UN as an Artist Observer in permanent residence. I thus realized many holistic diagrams in order to accompany in direct catch the interventions of the personalities.

For several years, Yann Toma has been systematically recording events, interventions and conferences in high places of knowledge such as the United Nations (New York), the ICJ (London), the Sorbonne, the IHEST (Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie) or wherever he goes in the world. It is for him a means of transferring impressions, positions, another dimension of his sensation of a reality that surrounds him. It is also a way to escape from a certain determinism that surrounds each person today.

The Holistic Schemes are captations-fluxes, reports-fluxes which play the role of retrospective as well as predictive instruments. Through his drawings, Yann Toma facilitates the trajectories of thought and channels invisible flows, reorganizing them according to a clever mix where the energy deployed makes sense.

Yann Toma is a contemporary artist and artist-observer in permanent residence at the UN. He positions his work, the singular forms he creates, as well as his reflection, at the border of artistic and citizen expression and inscribes them in the political and media current events. His artistic work is part of numerous collections. His work is notably integrated into the collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou. His personal participatory exhibition at the Grand Palais Dynamo-Fukushima (September 2011) brought together more than 24,000 people in nearly three days in resonance with the populations affected by the Fukushima disaster. Similarly with Human Energy (December 2015), the artist took over the entire Eiffel Tower during the week of the COP21 negotiations and added up the calories of 80 million runners in one week. In 2016 he made 42,000 people dance around Human Greenergy to raise awareness about the energy transition in Beijing (French Institute, Beijing). In the context of academic research, he is a university professor at the School of Arts of La Sorbonne and leads the research team Art&Flux (ACTE/CNRS), which is dedicated to the issue of enterprise-art and energy transition. He is also a member of the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Sciences et Technologies (IHEST).