Yann Toma - The Vegetal Coats - United Nations, New York, 2019

Yann Toma’s artistic project for Climate Action Summit 2019 is in line with the collaborative and participatory practices that very often characterize his recent artistic creation. It is based on the intelligence of plants and the link that can be forged between new generations and nature.

The idea is to transmit the energy of the preciousness of our ecosystem and to embody it by living in nature yourself. Based on what plants and young people bring together as concepts at the UN Youth Summit, he invites them to reveal the energy of the planet through the making of plant coats. This will be followed by a ritual climate march in the heart of New York City between the Botanical Garden of New York and the United Nations.


Video : Michele Zarbafian

In collaboration with : United Nations Global Compact, Alliance Program, The New York Botanical Garden.Special Assistant Manager : Anne-Sophie Garcia.Special Thanks to Dan Thomas and Carrie Rebora Barratt

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Yann Toma reviews his various appearances in New York, notably at the World Climate Summit and the UN General Assembly, to alert through his art and his way the challenges of climate change and the risk of doing nothing.